One of the most effective ways to support teachers is to support their administrators. 

That's why the Teacher Care Network offers resources, executive coaching, and intensive burnout interventions for administrators, as well as organizational services.

Work with Dr. Johnson One-on-One

For administrators who prefer a customized approach to professional growth based on strengths and emotional intelligence, Dr. Johnson offers executive coaching packages. Dr. Johnson believes in utilizing your strengths to address areas of concern, rather than focusing on trying to force you into a leadership mold that is not sustainable or healthy for you. By focusing on strengths, we work on creating strategies that bring ease, emotional health, and confidence to the center of your leadership style.

Contact Dr. Johnson directly for pricing and availability.


Experience Transformation in a Weekend with VIP Days

The VIP Burnout Recovery Day is our most extensive and quickest offering as far as transformation is concerned. VIP Burnout Recovery Days are offered in limited quantity (only 1-2 per month) and last 4 hours. 

During those four hours, Dr. Johnson assesses your burnout, helps you process the circumstances that led you to become burned out, and guides you through developing a burnout prevention plan to heal from the inside out. While healing from burnout doesn't happen overnight, our VIP Intensives help you set the stage for the quickest transformation possible. 

A complimentary consultation is provided before the purchase of a VIP Intensive to ensure you and Dr. Johnson are a good fit. 


"I just want to pick your brain."

I'm happy to have my brain picked. I love talking about burnout reduction and emotional health! 

I do provide free consultations for organizations who are interested in my services, but all my consultation calls require pre-work to make sure we're on the same page before meeting.