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6 Questions To Help Your Focus on Tending To Yourself

tend to yourself Aug 01, 2022

This week in the Teacher Care Network Support Community we're talking about the first pillar in the THRIV™ model, Tend to Yourself.

As you either return to work this week for training or gear up to return, in what ways do you WANT to tend to yourself?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

1) How will you tend to your physical needs this week? You need food, rest, water, and comfort. Don't forget the comfort! It's an easy one to pass on by.

2) How will you tend to your emotional needs this week? How are you feeling about returning to work? Check out this app, Mood Meter, to help you keep track of your emotions. My favorite part is if you don't like what you're feeling after identifying the emotion, it gives you ideas to change what you're experiencing! It's $0.99 and based in research out of Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence.

3) How will you tend to your social needs this week? If you're an extrovert, you might be totally digging being back with colleagues and feeling energized. If you're an introvert, you may need to strategize around how you will get some time alone to recharge this week. If you aren't sure what to do, ask in the Support Community!

4) How will you make sure to keep your financial needs at the forefront this week? It's really easy during the weeks leading up to school to accidentally overspend as you prepare your classroom and spend time going out to lunch with colleagues. Be mindful of your budget and think ahead to prevent the end of the month panic.

5) How will you mind your spiritual needs? It's a lot easier to be aware of our spiritual needs during the summer, but when school starts back up, spiritual needs can easily slip into the recesses of our mind. Remember spiritual needs aren't necessarily religious, but they can be. It could be that you've spent a lot of time connecting with nature or volunteering this summer and you'll have less time to invest. Make sure you think about how you'll continue to fill your spiritual well once school is underway.

6) Finally, how will you get your professional needs met this week? I know you're going to receive lots of training and information in the upcoming days and weeks, but most of it won't address your personal professional needs. It will address collective professional needs. Spend a few moments quietly contemplating what you truly NEED from administrators,  colleagues, and yourself this week. Make a plan to get those needs met.


If you need support:

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I'll see you in the Support Community!

-Dr. Jen Johnson

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