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How Difficult Student Behavior Tanks Compassion Satisfaction

Compassion satisfaction is the positive feelings you experience about your work and about your effectiveness as a teacher. 

When thinking about how to build compassion satisfaction, it's helpful to ask, "What happens at work that causes me to NOT have positive feelings or NOT feel effective?" 

When I ask teachers to make a list, almost every single teacher includes something about student behavior. 

The reality is that students engage in behaviors sometimes that we find inappropriate, unhelpful, or outright annoying. When this happens occasionally, it doesn't have a big impact on our overall feelings about our work, but as those challenging behaviors increase, the negative impact on our general feelings about work can begin to build.

When working with students with challenging behavior, we're trained to ask, "What is the function of this behavior? What need does the child meet by engaging in the behavior?" Then we develop interventions that help the child get...

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Teacher Anxiety and Student Outcomes

I'm coming at you this morning with some doctorly advice from an MD. And it's not doctorly advice about the pandemic...never fear!! That's not my lane, and I'm staying in mine. 

The past six months I've been making some really big changes in how I engage in medical selfcare, a sub-category of physical selfcare. 

I found out I had an autoimmune disease back in April, and there was a long list of things I needed to do to help my body recover and thrive.

I usually struggle with routinely taking pills and supplements, feeding myself well, and prioritizing my body, but the past six months have been drastically different.

I have taken 20+ pills and supplements daily. I've cut gluten, dairy, and soy from my diet. I've cooked at home more than ever. I have absolutely rocked it, and I've been so proud of myself. (This blog is not about praising myself so bear with me.)

Then came the six month bloodwork.

Nothing changed!

I sat in my doctor's office in...
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