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Imagine yourself 6 months from now.

Imagine you've created a life of intentional ease and calm. 

A life where you deliberately care for yourself.

A life where you can detach from work and be present at home in the ways you desire.

A life where you aren't chronically exhausted.

A life where you connect with teachers like you and feel seen, heard, and valued.

You're implementing strategies that work and you can finally breathe again.

And breathing again feels so good.

You shoot out a celebratory message to your new friends from the Teacher Care Network THRIV Community and hop in the car to drive to school.


Why Consider The

THRIV™ Bundle? 


This Bundle is for You If...


You're an educator in the PreK-12 setting, a daycare teacher, or an Early Childhood Interventionist.

You feel frustrated, fatigued, or overwhelmed by work and the way it impacts your life.

You want more joy and  connection in your life.

Your emotional needs and desires aren't being fully met because of your responsibilities as a teacher, partner, and/or parent.


Do you need support from people who understand what you're experiencing?

Let me tell you something you already know

You're being stretched emotionally and physically beyond what is healthy for yourself in order to meet demands.

Your workload and responsibility increases annually due to federal and local mandates.

Life changed drastically in 2020, and while 2021 brought hope for a return to normalcy, we aren't quite there yet. If you're like most teachers, the 2021-2022 school year was the hardest yet. The increased demands left you feeling like you were struggling to meet the expectations of others while also filling your own cup.

It's not your fault. No one prepares teachers for emotional burnout, and that's why I created a space to heal and transform together!


The Solution


The mission of the Teacher Care Network™ is to help you heal from burnout using evidence-based practices and restore your emotional health.


To help you assess your current levels of burnout.

To give you tools and support to help navigate these feelings and situations.

To give you a community where authenticity, confidentiality, and reflection are valued. 

To help you create a burnout recovery plan that will move you from burned out to thriving.


To help you create a more fulfilling life as you continue to educate children.



I curated the THRIV™ Bundle for educators who want to prioritize their well-being by participating in an innovative community full of evidence-based supports.



You are an educator who values personal development and emotional health.


You're struggling with unreasonable responsibilities and expectations at work.


You're increasing time and effort at work and developing resentment towards work in order to cope.


You're willing to show up for yourself and your well-being.


You're ready to learn new ways to care for yourself and heal from emotional burnout.


I'm Ready to THRIV!

You might fall into one of these categories:

You work in a public or private school environment

  • ​Teacher
  • Teacher assistant
  • Administrator
  • Allied health professional (SLP, OT, PT, AuD, etc.)

  • Counselor or LSSP

  • Instructional coach or specialist
  • Diagnostician


Think you'd benefit, but feel hesitant? Let's discuss...


I want to share a story with you that I think will resonate with you and help you understand why I do this work and why it might be a good fit for you.


When I was a teacher in K-12, there was one year that changed everything for me. It was a particularly challenging year with a particularly challenging student. I think we've all had those years and those students that we look back on and think How did I even get through that?!


I didn't have training in how to help children with severe behavior challenges and it took almost 3/4 of the year before I received substantial help. Before I received that help, I went home every day after school and couldn't stop thinking about what I needed to do different. I would replay every interaction and every lesson and every crisis in my head. I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn't figure it out. I felt disappointed in myself and in the education system for failing to support me. I felt deep sadness that the career I loved was turning into something that caused me emotional distress. 

I couldn't sleep. 

I couldn't eat. 

I wanted to quit, but I couldn't.

I felt abandoned. 

I didn't have skills or strategies to fiercely advocate for myself or my student, and I didn't know there was a better way of being. I didn't know there were ways to come home at night and not ruminate all evening about what happened. 


So I burned out. Fast. I was emotionally exhausted. I distanced myself from my students, telling myself I couldn't help them. My effectiveness as a teacher dropped. It was misery. 


Resentment built up. I didn't have social support. I was unable to detach from work. I could feel my compassion satisfaction starting to wane. Of course I couldn't label it at the time, but in hindsight I know. And I was not taking care of myself. To me, tending to myself was a massage, a pedicure, and goat yoga; now I know commercial "self-care" alone doesn't move the needle towards emotional health.


It's different now, and it's not because I'm not a teacher. It's because I know better now. I have tools in my proverbial tool belt like social support, the ability to detach, evidence-based care, and compassion satisfaction. Above all, I honor my humanness.


I wonder if you can relate?


Maybe not about the specific circumstances, but about how your work impacts your personal life? About how exhausted you feel?

I'm wondering if we could reach enough teachers, like you, to start a revolution?

Maybe. Maybe not. But maybe we don't need a revolution for the whole profession. Maybe we just need a revolution for YOU!


Do you need to start honoring your human limitations?


Do you need support to take the day even if you get sick at 6:30 am?


Are you ready to break down the toxic expectations that plague your emotional health?


Are you ready to get your joy back?


Keep scrolling to read about the benefits of the Teacher Care Network™ THRIV™ Community.

Here's exactly how I support you 
and your transformation...

Evan Robb

Educator, Author, Speaker

"Dr. Jennifer Johnson provides strategies and care tasks to enhance your life professionally and personally. Learn positive ways to take care of yourself allowing you to thrive the way you want. Live fully into your humanness."

Jessica Alsip

Middle School Teacher, Irving, Texas

"This is the first book to make me feel seen - floating, hopeful mess and all. It is real. It’s not one of those overly positive keynote speeches where you roll your eyes at your teacher friend. It’s instead one of those professional developments where the speaker comes in, takes their shoes off, speaks to you like a human, and gives you something you can use that day. This book gives us what we actually need to heal our souls and keep us going in the classroom (or whatever the education world looks like for you)."

Joy Fowler

1st Grade Teacher
35 Year Veteran

"THRIVing After Burnout is a beneficial read for all educators from first year teachers to seasoned veterans and support staff. The book is written in brief sections providing well-researched strategies for easy implementation. I’m excited about trying out these ideas presented by Dr. Johnson."

Jennifer Abrams

Educational Consultant and Author of Having Hard Conversations

 "Dr. Johnson is authentic and inspiring. She writes with a profound and approachable voice, offering readers an uplifting, supportive book full of strategies and practices that will help you thrive after burnout."

Karen Anderson, PhD

Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

"Teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing frequently find themselves fighting for the rights of their students to an equitable education. Along the way, burnout all too often becomes a way of life. Dr. Johnson’s book is a breath of fresh air in its compassionate approach to unraveling the cause of burnout, and strategies to feel more effective and successful. After living through our recent pandemic, we ALL need to know healthy responses to burnout!"

Rebecca Atkinson, PhD

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

“Once I picked up Thriving After Burnout: A Teacher’s Compassionate Guide,” I couldn’t put it down until I was finished.  I have personally either witnessed or experienced everything Dr. Johnson addresses in this book.  After an extremely difficult past few years, I am so excited to put these strategies into practice and reignite my passion for working with students!”

What do I get for $49.99?

An interactive well-shop to help you implement what you're learning from the book (CEUs available)

Two THRIV support group meetings led by Dr. Jen

A signed copy of the paperback sent to your door!

A Q&A with Dr. Jen to get all your questioned answered

A copy of the e-book on launch day so you don't have to wait for the paperback in the mail

Introductory, lifetime rate to the THRIV™ Community

I'm in!

Hi Teacher Friends!

If you've gotten this far, you're probably wondering, "Who is the person facilitating and designing this support network?"

It's me!

I'm Dr. Jen Johnson, and I founded the Teacher Care Network™ for one reason: to create a safer, healthier world for children. Part of creating that world for children is helping teachers focus on meeting their own needs because the best teacher is a healthy teacher.

I have been serving in teaching roles for my entire career.

I started out as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and eventually moved into instructional support. During that time I became interested in social and emotional development, as well as interventions for emotional and behavioral disorders. This led me to go back and pursue my PhD, where I focused on the science of educational psychology.

As part of my studies, I learned that one of the most powerful, protective factors for children is the presence of healthy adults in their lives. That's you!

As a mom, I have struggled with prioritizing my own needs and mental health because my focus is so intensely dedicated to my son. I also struggled with this when I was a teacher. I spent most of my time focused on creating the optimal learning tools, lessons, and opportunities for my students, sometimes to the detriment of my own health. In fact, during my time as a teacher I had to take two medical leaves of absence because I pushed myself way too far! I want better for you.

In the THRIV™ Community, I have combined my knowledge of the culture of teaching, the responsibility of caretaking, and the science of educational psychology to develop a membership to help teachers assess their burnout, develop a plan to take care of their mind, body, and soul, and increase fulfillment and joy in their lives.

I can't wait to see all the transformations, and I'd love for one of those transformations to be yours!


-Dr. Jen Johnson

Amy Bennett

Deaf Education Teacher

"Yesterday was a rough day for me, snot and all. I found the courage to text Dr. Jen yesterday in between tears and she talked me through it. I have known her for 6 or 7 years now. I highly suggest you check her out!"

Jessica Alsip

Middle School Teacher

"Dr. Jen is the greatest lifeline and support I’ve had as a teacher. Anytime I’ve needed support she is quick to respond with encouragement and most importantly she affirms that my feelings are valid and natural. The suggestions she has given are realistic since she knows the time and material constraints that teachers face."

Sofia Villa


"Dr. Johnson's workshop was truly something I think we all needed, especially right now. 

A reminder that if we are not our best selves, we cannot teach our students to be their best selves."

Anonymous Feedback

A Teacher in California

"Jennifer was amazing! She provided real strategies for dealing with the current "stay-at-home" [order], but many of the ideas are useful at all times."

A Veteran Teacher

Arlington ISD

"It was one of the most valuable professional development sessions I've attended in 26 years."

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I can't wait to get started!

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