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Organizational Support

The Teacher Care Network provides customized training and packages based on organization needs.

Dr. Johnson provides a Discovery Call at no charge to determine the needs of the organization and to ensure both organizations are a good fit for each other. 

After the call, your organization receives a proposal from Dr. Johnson outlining plans, fees, and requirements. 

Topics of Expertise

With experience as a deaf education teacher, special education teacher, instructional specialist, teacher trainer, and educational psychologist, Dr. Johnson brings strong experience and evidence-based practices to trainings and coaching relationships.

Evidence-Based + Compassionate Burnout Prevention & Recovery

Dr. Johnson provides trainings, workshops, and coaching to help teachers, instructional support teams, and administrators prevent and recover from burnout and maintain emotional health.


In trainings, Dr. Johnson helps participants understand the scientific process of burnout and the impacts of secondary traumatic stress. In workshops, participants engage in learning and reflection to process their own levels of burnout and design plans for prevention/recovery. 

Dr. Johnson provides many free resources for teachers and districts to use in addition to paid programs. 

THRIVing After Burnout Book Study + Talks

Dr. Johnson's book THRIVing After Burnout: A Teacher's Compassionate Guide is available in bulk for teams of 20+. 

The book is written in short, easily digestible chapters that end with 3-4 high-impact, practical Action Steps, making the book an easy-to-implement book study. 

Kick-off talks are included with all bulk orders.  


District or Schoolwide Burnout Recovery Consulting

Have you been trying to build resilient staff and it's just not working out like you thought it would? Often efforts to build resilience are ineffective because they are not sustainable. 

Dr. Johnson helps districts strategically audit policies, procedures, and organizational culture to determine ways districts can systematically support teachers and administrators in sustainable ways from the top down. 

Consulting packages are customized for each district, but often include an organizational audit, training for administrators, and supported development of an organizational recovery plan. 

For more information email [email protected].

Image Description: Executive and school-based administrators strategize around organizational burnout reduction.

"It was one of the most valuable professional developments I've attended in 26 years."

Veteran Special Education Teacher
Arlington ISD

"Jennifer’s workshop was truly something I think we all needed, especially right now. A reminder that if we are not our best selves, we cannot teach our students to be their best selves."

Sofia V.
Student Teacher, Texas Woman's University

"You spoke what we feel. You entire presentation resonated with me."

Anonymous Survey Feedback

"I recommend Dr. Johnson because she helped me to see that I can take care of myself without taking too much time away from other responsibilities. "

Phylicia Anderson
Doctoral Student in Education

"Jennifer’s content was immediately relatable and useable with parents and other caregivers and the professionals who support those parents in early intervention and beyond. She has a gift for making complex, abstract concepts more accessible."

Sara Kennedy
Executive Director, Hands & Voices

"I would recommend a workshop or keynote with Dr. Johnson to other professionals. The research-based information, realistic perspective, and multi-layered recommendations offer suggestions that can be adopted in many situations."

Sharon Bailey
Holmes Scholar Program Staff, Texas Woman's University

"I recommend a workshop with Dr. Johnson because of the mindset it shifted in me in the realm of "self care.""

School Counselor

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