Take the first step in burnout recovery by exploring ways you can receive support.

For information about services for non-profits and school districts, click here or contact [email protected]

Join our free Teacher Care Network Support Community!

The community is housed on Facebook and focuses on Dr. Johnson's burnout recovery model THRIV. Administrators are not admitted to keep the community emotionally safe. When you request to join the groups, three memberships questions will be asked. Answering the questions is required as we screen every potential community member to keep the community safe. 

October 9 at 4:00 pm CST

This month, Dr. Jen Johnson will lead teachers through establishing a work from home routines that increase efficiency and decrease stress.

During the workshop you will:

✅ Assess your current work from home experience

✅ Learn strategies you can integrate into your routine that will help you:

👉🏻increase productivity & decrease distraction

👉🏻decrease distress & increase feelings of well-being

👉🏻set healthy boundaries that honor your humanness & the need to complete required tasks

THRIV Community Membership subscribers may attend as part of their monthly membership fee of $29.99. To learn more you can click here.

The THRIV™ Community Membership is currently open for enrollment.

 Through the THRIV  Community Membership, Dr. Johnson helps educators implement burnout recovery and maintain emotional health.  


Work with Dr. Johnson One-on-One

For teachers who prefer a more customized approach to burnout recovery, 1:1  sessions are an option. 1:1 sessions can be used at any phase of burnout recovery to help teachers move forward to the next step. Whether it's assessing levels of burnout, developing recovery plans, or processing hurtful circumstances that led to burnout, 1:1 sessions are a good fit for teachers who prefer customized recovery.

Experience Transformation in a Weekend with VIP Days

The VIP Burnout Recovery Day is our most extensive and quickest offering as far as transformation is concerned. VIP Burnout Recovery Days are offered in limited quantity (only 1-2 per month) and last 4 hours. 

During those four hours, Dr. Johnson assesses your burnout, helps you process the circumstances that led you to become burned out, and guides you through developing a burnout prevention plan to heal from the inside out. While healing from burnout doesn't happen overnight, our VIP Intensives help you set the stage for the quickest transformation possible. 

A complimentary consultation is provided before the purchase of a VIP Intensive to ensure you and Dr. Johnson are a good fit. 

The Most Common Request I Get From Organizations Is To Pick My Brain

I'm happy to have my brain picked. There are years of wonderful experience, research, and expertise happy to be shared. However, I no longer do these calls without a fee. 


I found that I was doing these calls more than anything else, and these kinds of calls don't bring me the kind of joy that client transformation brings me. I simply don't want to fill my calendar with "brain picking". I'd rather fill it with opportunities to facilitate transformation. 

For this reason I charge for this service. It helps me know who recognizes the value of my time and expertise. I do provide free consultations for organizations who are interested in my services.