I want you to imagine yourself 6 months from now.

You've embraced a new way of being and 

showing up in the world, at work, and at home.

You wake up, turn on your favorite music, and smile

thinking about going to work to see

your students. You put on your

favorite outfit, check yourself in the

mirror as you walk out the door,

and feel so proud and so relieved

and so at peace. Life isn't perfect, but you're moving

forward confidently with strategies that are helping

you finally breathe again.

And breathing again feels so good.

You shoot out a celebratory message to 

your new friends from the Teacher Care

Network Membership community and hop

in the car to drive to school.

Why Consider The

Teacher Care Network™ Membership?


This Program is for You If...


You're a teacher in PreK-12 setting or an Early Childhood Interventionist.

You feel frustrated, fatigued, or overwhelmed by work and life in general.

You're struggling to maintain activities of daily living and find joy.

Your financial and emotional needs and desires aren't being fully met because of your responsibilities as a teacher, partner, and/or parent.


Do you need support from people who understand what you're experiencing?

Let me tell you something you already know

 You're being stretched emotionally and physically beyond what is healthy for yourself in order to meet demands.

Your workload and responsibility increases annually due to federal and locate mandates.

Life changed drastically in 2020, and while 2021 brought hope for a return to normalcy, we aren't quite there yet. The increased demands may leave you feeling like you're struggling to meet the expectations of others while also filling your own cup.

It's not your fault. No one prepares teachers for emotional burnout, and that's why we created a space to heal and transform together!


The Solution


The mission of the Teacher Care Network™ is to help you heal from burnout, fatigue and emotionally manage your frustration and overwhelm. 


To help you assess your current levels of burnout.

To give you tools and support to help navigate these feelings and situations.

To give you a community where authenticity, confidentiality, and reflection are valued. 

To help you create a burnout recovery plan that will move you from burned out to thriving.


To help you create a more fulfilling life as you continue to educate children.



The Teacher Care Network™ is a membership program for educators who want to prioritize their well-being through an innovative community of independent activities, interactive webinars/workshops, and support groups. 



You are an educator who values personal development and emotional health.


You're struggling with unreasonable responsibilities and expectations at work.


You're increasing time at work, underperforming at work, or developing resentment towards work in order to cope.


You're willing to show up for yourself and your well-being.


You're ready to learn new ways to care for yourself and heal from emotional burnout.


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You might fall into one of these categories:

You work in a public or private school environment

  • ​Teacher
  • Teacher assistant
  • Allied health professional (SLP, OT, PT, AuD, etc.)

  • Counselor or LSSP

  • Diagnostician

Administrators are not permitted in the Teacher Care Network™ Membership at this time as we want it to be a safe place for teachers to receive support without fear of retribution. While we recognize that most administrators do not have these intentions, it's important to maintain an emotionally safe environment.

Think you'd benefit, but feel hesitant? Let's discuss...


I want to share a story with you that I think will resonate with you and help you understand why I do this work and why it might be a good fit for you.


When I was a teacher in K-12, I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with any of the auto-immune diseases I receive treatment for today. Each of them have their own “flares”, meaning times when they become more active and wreak a lot of havoc on my body.


I remember when I had these flares when I was a teacher. A sub never picked up my jobs, and it was always “my fault” that my TA was alone with the kids when I was home sick. The years I taught first grade were the worst. I had no idea what was wrong with me (nor did my doctors) and got zero compassion from most of my colleagues. 


It was during that time that the toxic nature of teaching culture became apparent to me. Nobody really cared that I was sick, just that I was inconveniencing the school. 


So I went to school even when I was sick. I literally only stayed home when I couldn't safely drive myself, but it was still too many days for a teacher to miss according to the culture of the school where I worked.


What followed was resentment and eventually burnout. I didn't have social support. I was unable to detach from work because of toxic expectations and lack of understanding about setting boundaries. I had really challenging, large groups those two years and while I loved it, I could feel my compassion satisfaction starting to wane. Of course I couldn't label it at the time, but in hindsight I know. And my self care was not on point. To me, self care was a massage, a pedicure, goat yoga, etc.; now I know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 


It's different now, and it's not because I'm not a teacher. It's because I know better now. I respect myself. I respect my illness. And I don't take crap from anybody about having to lay in bed all day when I need to.  I have tools in my proverbial tool belt like social support, the ability to detach, evidence-based self care, and compassion satisfaction, and I honor my humanness.


I wonder if you can relate?


Maybe not about chronic illness, but about the toxic expectations and culture you've seen in your workplace...in your school?

I'm wondering if we could reach enough teachers, like you, to start a revolution?

Maybe. Maybe not. But maybe we don't need a revolution for the whole profession. Maybe we just need a revolution for YOU!


Do you need to start respecting your body and your time?


Do you need support to take the day even if you get sick at 6:30 am?


Are you ready to break down the toxic expectations that plague your emotional health?


Are you ready to get your joy back?


Keep scrolling to read about the benefits of the Teacher Care Network™ Membership.

Here's exactly how I support you 
and your transformation...

Amy Bennett

Deaf Education Teacher

"Yesterday was a rough day for me, snot and all. I found the courage to text Jennifer yesterday in between tears and she talked me through it. I have known her for 6 or 7 years now. I highly suggest you check her out!"

Jessica Alsip

Life Teacher

"Jennifer is the greatest lifeline and support I’ve had as a teacher. Anytime I’ve needed support she is quick to respond with encouragement and most importantly she affirms that my feelings are valid and natural. The suggestions she has given are realistic since she knows the time and material constraints that teachers face."

Sofia Villa


"Jennifer’s workshop was truly something I think we all needed, especially right now. 

A reminder that if we are not our best selves, we cannot teach our students to be their best selves."

Anonymous Feedback

A Teacher in California

"Jennifer was amazing! She provided real strategies for dealing with the current "stay-at-home" [order], but many of the ideas are useful at all times."

A Veteran Teacher

Arlington ISD

"It was one of the most valuable professional development sessions I've attended in 26 years."


What do I get for $97/month?

An interactive workshop led by experts in a variety of burnout recovery topics each month 

Two support group meetings a month led by Dr. Johnson 

Access to a private Facebook group for coaching and support 

Improved well-being, increased joy, and less burnout!

A monthly Q&A with Dr. Johnson to get all your questioned answered.

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Hi Teacher Friends!

If you've gotten this far, you're probably wondering, "Who is the person facilitating and designing this support network?"

It's me!

I'm Dr. Jen Johnson, and I founded the Teacher Care Network™ for one reason: to create a safer, healthier world for children. Part of creating that world for children is helping teachers focus on meeting their own needs because the best teacher is a healthy teacher.

I have been serving in teaching roles for my entire career.

I started out as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and eventually moved into administration. During that time I became interested in social and emotional development, as well as interventions for emotional and behavioral disorders. This led me to go back and pursue my PhD, where I focused on the science of educational psychology.

As part of my studies, I learned that one of the most powerful, protective factors for children is the presence of healthy adults in their lives. That's you!

As a mom, I have struggled with prioritizing my own needs and mental health because my focus is so intensely dedicated to my son. I also struggled with this when I was a teacher. I spent most of my time focused on creating the optimal learning tools, lessons, and opportunities for my students, sometimes to the detriment of my own health. In fact, during my time as a teacher I had to take two medical leaves of absence because I pushed myself way too far! I want better for you.

In the Teacher Care Network™ Membership, I have combined my knowledge of the culture of teaching, the responsibility of caretaking, and the science of educational psychology to develop a membership to help teachers assess their fatigue, develop a plan to take care of their mind, body, and soul, and increase fulfillment and joy in their lives.

I can't wait to see all the transformations, and I'd love for one of those transformations to be yours!


-Dr. Jen Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

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