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At the Teacher Care Network, our goal is to impact children's lives by caring for teachers' emotional health.

What We Do to Support Teachers, Administrators, and Organizations

Training & Coaching

The Teacher Care Network offers training and coaching in burnout and compassion fatigue prevention and recovery for school districts and other non-profits that employ teachers.

All of our training and coaching are based on Dr. Johnson's evidence-based model of burnout recovery, which integrates the most current science and intervention strategies for burnout and compassion fatigue prevention and recovery.

We have a special program rate for small non-profit organizations (<25 employees) that you can find info about by emailing us here.


Group Support for Teachers

In 2021, the Teacher Care Network launched The Teacher Care Network Membership, which includes a monthly well-shop, bi-weekly support groups, and a monthly Q&A with Dr. Johnson. 

We also offer a free Facebook support community and monthly well-shops a la carte at an affordable cost. 

School district bulk rates available. Contact Dr. Johnson directly for more info.


Individual Support for Teachers

The Teacher Care Network offers one on one burnout recovery sessions for teachers, as well as VIP Intensives (on a limited basis). One on one burnout sessions are excellent for teachers who prefer a customized approach to recovery, while VIP Intensives benefit teachers who consider themselves to be in an urgent career crisis.

Individual teachers also benefit from monthly well-shops and our free Facebook support community. You can find more information about all the ways we support individual teachers by clicking below.


Administrator Support

Dr. Johnson offers a variety of services to support administrators who are interested in recovering from burnout or learning strategies to lead their staff through burnout recovery by looking at organizational strategies.

In March of 2021, we launched a free Facebook support community for administrators only that runs adjacent to the Teacher Care Network Support Community. 

Dr. Johnson also offers executive coaching for administrators who want to improve their emotional intelligence and learn to lead in compassionate, effective ways that improve trust and reduce burnout. 


Blog Posts

Check out our latest blog posts!

"On behalf of the Board of California Hands & Voices, I want to express my thanks for your webinar “Promoting Emotional Safety During Uncertain Times”.  The webinar was well-planned and well-presented.  We were pleased that you provided parents with tips for how to deal with their children’s emotions during this unusual time (the pandemic)."

Nancy Grosz Sager
California Hands & Voices

"It was one of the most valuable professional learning sessions I have attended in 26 years."

Anonymous feedback from Homebound Teacher
Arlington ISD

"Jennifer was amazing. She provided real strategies for dealing with the current stay-at-home - but many of the ideas (i.e., the agendas) are useful at all times. I like that this was applicable to children of all ages."

Anonymous feedback from Parent of Child who is Deaf/HH
Online Webinar

"Jennifer is amazing at what she does! She is a child advocate to the core and has studied and prepared herself to share this knowledge and expertise with others. She consulted with me on my dissertation research to guide me in using a curriculum designed to teach individuals how to identify and respond to bullying. Her expertise was necessary and beyond helpful, so I could use the information correctly with my participants. I would highly recommend Jennifer!"

Dr. Chelsi Anderson
Educational Psychologist, Autism Intervention

"I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer as an instructional specialist. Jen is a wonderful teacher – for both children and adult learners. She has strong coaching abilities as well. Jen is creative in her presentations and extremely knowledgeable of her content. You will find Jen to be personable, practical, and professional."

Kathy Sowell
Early Childhood Specialist

"I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Jennifer Johnson on several projects: she gave important insights into our Parent Safety Toolkit (a short introduction to childhood safety for parents) as well as a short parent workshop for the O.U.R. Children's Safety Project with Hands & Voices, a nonprofit supporting families raising deaf/hard of hearing children. Jennifer's content was immediately relatable and useable with parents and other caregivers and the professionals who support those parents in early intervention and beyond. She has a gift for making complex, abstract concepts more accessible to parents. No matter the child's unique needs or the background of the parents, everyone learned some important takeaways. We invited her to be a "Bright Spot" - an individual willing to be on our speaker's roster for future engagements throughout our Hands & Voices network and beyond on the topic of child safety. I especially value her insights into everyday routines where families have a chance to reinforce attachment and create emotional safety with very young children. Highly recommended!"

Sara Kennedy
Executive Director of Colorado Hands & Voices

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