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If you are one of those teachers who is hanging on by a thread, this book will not just help you heal your burnout, it will help you implement evidence-based techniques to build up long-term burnout resistance and resilience.

If you are an administrator wanting to hold onto your best teachers, increase their job satisfaction, and improve your school's culture and morale all around, this book will help you understand and implement the evidence-based THRIV model for burnout prevention and recovery.

If you are a parent, this book will teach you how to be a compassionate ally in the education of your children.

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"As a school superintendent, Dr. Johnson’s book has given me the tools necessary to begin to recover from my own burnout. Using real world examples, this brilliant ‘How To’ guide is revolutionary for anyone in the field of education and beyond. During these tumultuous times, Dr. Johnson has given us a gift, with an easy step-by-step road map with realistic daily strategies to help to manage one’s stress levels; Thus halting the cycle of burnout. "

Dr. Michelle Rosenberg
Superintendent, New Jersey

"This is the first book to make me feel seen - floating, hopeful mess and all. It is real. It’s not one of those overly positive keynote speeches where you roll your eyes at your teacher friend. It’s instead one of those professional developments where the speaker comes in, takes their shoes off, speaks to you like a human, and gives you something you can use that day. This book gives us what we actually need to heal our souls and keep us going in the classroom (or whatever the education world looks like for you)."

Jessica Alsip
Middle School Teacher, Irving, Texas

"Dr. Johnson is authentic and inspiring. She writes with a profound and approachable voice, offering readers an uplifting, supportive book full of strategies and practices that will help you thrive after burnout."

Jennifer Abrams
Educational Consultant and Author of Having Hard Conversations

"THRIVing After Burnout is a beneficial read for all educators from first year teachers to seasoned veterans and support staff. The book is written in brief sections providing well-researched strategies for easy implementation. I’m excited about trying out these ideas presented by Dr. Johnson."

Joy Fowler
Veteran First Grade Teacher

"Teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing frequently find themselves fighting for the rights of their students to an equitable education. Along the way, burnout all too often becomes a way of life. Dr. Johnson’s book is a breath of fresh air in its compassionate approach to unraveling the cause of burnout, and strategies to feel more effective and successful. After living through our recent pandemic, we ALL need to know healthy responses to burnout! "

Karen L. Anderson, PhD
Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

"Now more than ever, those who serve in public schools are facing never ending challenges that are stressful to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the individual. Dr. Johnson provides a succinct guide filled with evidence-based solutions to address the realities of balancing the demands of work, family and most importantly self for all educators. “THRIVing After Burnout” is a must read to anyone facing the challenges of remembering your why, and will not only benefit the educators, but the students and their families that they serve as well."

Carin Renee Shearer Ph.D., BCBA, LBA
Director of Special Education, Lewisville, Texas

"Dr. Jen gives realistic strategies that can be implemented immediately. She’s been in the trenches and gives easy to follow step by step instruction on how to dig yourself out. A must have, not just for teachers, but for anyone seeking to improve their lives. "

Kristi Brashier, M.S.
School-Based Speech Language Pathologist

"Once I picked up Thriving After Burnout: A Teacher’s Compassionate Guide,” I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. I have personally either witnessed or experienced everything Dr. Johnson addresses in this book. After an extremely difficult past few years, I am so excited to put these strategies into practice and reignite my passion for working with students!"

Rebecca Atkinson, PhD
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

"Dr. Jennifer Johnson provides strategies and care tasks to enhance your life professionally and personally. Learn positive ways to take care of yourself allowing you to thrive the way you want. Live fully into your humanness. "

Evan Robb
Educator, Speaker, Author




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