In January of 2020, I founded The Child Safety Collaborative LLC, the parent organization of the Teacher Care Network because I was concerned about the emotional development and emotional safety of children and teachers. I didn't want to spend my career as an educational psychologist doing research without having ongoing engagement with the people the research exists to serve. When I founded the Collaborative, I had no idea we were a few months away from a public health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Teacher Care Network was born out of request, meaning that I started receiving so many requests for teacher burnout workshops, coaching, and consulting that it took on a life of its own.

Research shows that one of the most important protective factors in preventing child maltreatment is the support of adults in the child's life. The Child Safety Collaborative, and subsequently founded Teacher Care Network, exist to support schools, organizations, and individuals as they build the skills they need to show up as a supportive adult in the lives of the children they interact with on a daily basis.​ 

I do that in two ways: 1) working with organizations, families and children directly to help them embrace a culture of physical and emotional safety through practical skill development (Learn more here.), and 2) working with educators who are experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue so they can bring their best self to their relationships with students.

I bring a wide array of expertise to the table related to education, psychology, and professional development that combine to bring you high quality, individualized and group services.

Email me today to set up a Discovery Call about how I can help you, your school, or your organization take intentional action to be emotionally safe within yourself and with the children you spend your days helping grow.

-Dr. Jen Johnson

Educational Psychologist

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I'm an educational psychologist with a PhD specializing in emotional/behavioral disorders, a child safety expert, a former special educator, and teacher burnout specialist. I founded The Child Safety Collaborative, the parent organization of the Teacher Care Network, to equip adults as they promote child safety and positive behavior in their homes, schools, and organizations. Through my work with social emotional learning implementation in schools, I saw and heard so many stories of teacher burnout and compassion fatigue. It became clear to me that before teachers could have the bandwidth to implement social emotional learning with their students, they needed to experience safety within themselves. And not only did they need the emotional safety, they wanted it! 

At that time I dove into the research databases and developed a model for teacher burnout prevention and recovery based on evidence-based practices from the very small amount of educational research and from nursing research, which has arguably the most well-developed literature as it relates to compassion fatigue and burnout recovery. 

The model is called THRIV and has been implemented with individual teachers, small groups, and large groups since 2020. 


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Jessica Alsip

Middle School Teacher

"Dr. Jen is the greatest lifeline and support I’ve had as a teacher. Anytime I’ve needed support she is quick to respond with encouragement and most importantly she affirms that my feelings are valid and natural. The suggestions she has given are realistic since she knows the time and material constraints that teachers face."

Amy Bennett

High School Deaf Ed Teacher

"Yesterday was a rough day for me, snot and all. I found the courage to text Dr. Jen yesterday in between tears and she talked me through it.

I have known her for 6 or 7 years now. I highly suggest you check her out!"

Sofia Villa

Pre-Service Teacher

"Dr. Johnson's workshop was truly something I think we all needed, especially right now. 

A reminder that if we are not our best selves, we cannot teach our students to be their best selves."

Book Editorial Reviews

Evan Robb

Educator, Author, Speaker

"Dr. Jennifer Johnson provides strategies and care tasks to enhance your life professionally and personally.

Learn positive ways to take care of yourself allowing you to thrive the way you want.

Live fully into your humanness."


Rebecca Atkinson, PhD

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

“Once I picked up Thriving After Burnout: A Teacher’s Compassionate Guide,” I couldn’t put it down until I was finished.  I have personally either witnessed or experienced everything Dr. Johnson addresses in this book.  After an extremely difficult past few years, I am so excited to put these strategies into practice and reignite my passion for working with students!”

Kristi Brashier, M.S.

School-Based Speech Language Pathologist

"Dr. Jen gives realistic strategies that can be implemented immediately. She’s been in the trenches and gives easy to follow step by step instruction on how to dig yourself out. A must have, not just for teachers, but for anyone seeking to improve their lives."

Some of my former clients and collaborators:

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